who are we

Art of Gelato Michelangelo is a small family owned manufacturer of premium 'boutique' quality gelato and sorbets.

Our recipes and methods are based on artisian style gelato-making (Italian style ice cream).
Only the freshest and best primary products are carefully selected to make our gelato. Where ever possible we choose to use wholesome Australian produce - fresh fruit, cream, sugar, milk and butter. To flavour our gelato we use imported Italian pastes and locally sourced natural flavours. Our gelato is stabilised using naturally derived gums and emulsifiers (vegetable),
giving it a fresh open texture with a smooth velvet like mouth feel, allowing the flavour to burst on to your palate. Our Gelato is made to give pleasure to those who eat it ... and in turn gives us pleasure and satisfaction knowing what we have achieved.

Our aim is to produce the best ... and to constantly better our best.