If you were to look at an Italian to English dictionary the direct translation will read Gelato = Ice cream and the reverse also
Ice cream = Gelato.

Artisian Gelato is the Italian form of ice cream that is also know as "home made".

Compared to an industrial ice cream it is heavier in weight due to a natural increase in volume of 25 - 40% whilst churned and more intense in flavour due to the natural aromas, fresh fruits and high quality flavourings.

Industrial ice cream is highly aerated and much lighter in weight due to the use of mechanical pumps that increase the volume at times up to 200%. Industrial ice cream is normally made with an emphasis on the "bottom line" comprising quality for quantity.

With industrial ice cream most of the flavours are artificial and the intensity of the flavour much lower. Italian Artisian Gelato has been traditionally made with a fat content of 0 to 6 percent. In Australia ice cream needs to have a minimum of 10% fat to be classed an ice cream - anything lower than 10% is considered an ice confection. Fat content of ice cream will range up to 18%. Our gelato has fat content of 0 to 8 percent.

We produce a range to suit the australian palate ... even our sorbets (fat free) have a smooth creamy mouth feel.

Try some of our gelato ... taste the difference and be pleasantly surprised.
( disclaimer ... no responsibility taken for gelato addiction )

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