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Aussies win Gelato World Cup

An Australian team has beaten the Italians to win the 'Mystery Box Challenge' at the Gelato World Cup. Martino Piccolo shares his secret ingredient!

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Martino, France and the Team at Art of Gelato Michelangelo are proud to announce that our product has been recognised for excellence one more time at the NSW Dairy industry awards announced on the 3rd of May. We were the most successful gelato exhibitor winning 5 Gold and 7 Silver and also 1 Silver medal in the ice cream section for our Vanilla Super Creamy. Furthermore we had the highest ratio for products entered / awards won out of all other gelato manufacturers that entered the show.


2007 Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Produce Show
Champion Gelato

awarded to us for our luscious
Yoghurt Gelato with a Forest Berry Swirl

Stay tuned for news on our entries at Dairy Industry Awards around Australia.