Q. At what temperature should gelato be kept?
A. There are two temperature ranges you should consider. For storage the temperature needs to be  between  –18C and – 25C, however to serve it will need to be between –12C and –15C

Q. How many scoops will a 5 litre container yield?
A. Using a size 20 scoop you will scoop up to 35 serves.

Q. Is there money to be made by selling scooped gelato?
A. Yes the margin is very good. Please contact us for a breakdown.

Q. Regarding the masterpiece collection how do I display product if I don’t have a glass sided freezer.
A. Simple. We give you complimentary gelato menu’s to place on each table.

Q. Do you have frozen delivery service
A. Yes all our delivery vehicles are fully fitted to deliver stock at –25C.

Q. Does your gelato contain gluten?
A. 98 percent of our product does not contain gluten however products such as gingerbread, cookies, tin tan, biscottino, cassata siciliana and the Michelangelo special do contain gluten… for further information please do not hesitate to call 02 9755 7899.

Q. Does gelato contain milk?
A. Yes we have 3 categories of product Milk Based, Milk Based Fruit flavour and Sorbets - our sorbets are 100 percent dairy free .

Q. Do you use fruit?
A. Only the finest fruit is carefully selected to produce our fruit flavoured gelato and sorbets.

Q. What is the shelf life of your gelato?
A. Our gelato has a storage shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture, however once the container has been opened for use, it is best  used within 5 weeks.

Q. Is the Art of Gelato an Australian Company?
A. Yes it is an Australian family-owned business.

Q. Does the Art of gelato sell freezers?
A. Yes we sell  freezers from 6 to 20 flavours at competitive prices.

Q. How can I stock your gelato at my outlet?
A. Just call 02 9755 7899 …. you ring … .we bring.

Q. As a youngster I remember gelato to be an icy product that didn't really taste good - why would i want to buy gelato .... how is it different now?
A. The gelato industry has evolved greatly over the past 15 years. Before there were probably only 2 or 3 manufacturers that you could choose from, and competition was not fierce enough to warrant a battle to raise their standards. Today there are many companies to choose from, competition is fierce, however the overall improvement within the industry can also be attributed to the introduction and use of modern stabilisers coupled with solid flavours, new teqniques and  better machinery. The industry could only get better. Today the gelato industry can be categorised into 3 distinct classes: low class - a highly aerated product low in solids with an icy mouth feel; mid range - an artisan product made to a budget; a boutique range - an artisan product made with emphasis on quality (we sit in the boutique range - our awards are  recognition and testimony to this statement)

Q. But how will i know its good quality?
A. Simple. Look out for our flavour labels or merchandise. Or better still ask if it is from the Art of Gelato Michelangelo. If it's ours, you will always be assured it is gelato of the highest quality.